minit how long to beat

Minit is an unfortunately short game by design. Going in dry, you can beat it in an hour or two. However, there’s much more to do after your first run. Finding every item and completing every quest will take a few more hours, for example.

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Minit is an old-school, top-down adventure game, similar to the original Legend of Zelda, with the catch being that you die every 60 seconds (hence the name of the game). Luckily for us, and the big-lipped duck thing you play as, any progress you make or items you pick up carry over to the next minute of gameplay.

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Minit – Minit is a peculiar little adventure played sixty seconds at a time. Journey outside the comfort of your home to help unusual folk, uncover countless secrets, and overcome dangerous foes, all in hopes of lifting a rather unfortunate curse that ends each day after just one minute. Minit is a collaboration between Kitty Calis, jan willem nijman, Jukio Kallio & Dominik Johann.

Minit knows this and Minit. It’s liberating. I could keep gushing about Minit but, given the source material, this review is already too long.. The new leader to beat. How we score: The.

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6 days ago · Indie adventure Minit is free on Epic Games Store, Surviving Mars is next week’s freebie. you have exactly one minute to beat the game.. With each minute-long.

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