how long to beat ff12

honestly the average time should be 50 hours to beat ff12..but if you can stand the beginning boredom then you might like it.ff 10 is a better choice its good from start to end..and ff 12 isnt.

How long is final fantasy xii? | Yahoo Answers – The last Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy IX on my Playstation 1, 4 DISCs and I thought it was ‘long’. Now I’m playing Final Fantasy XII (skipped FFX, will play it later) and it’s just 1 DVD with awesome graphics and gameplay, but how long is it really? (Right now I’m at the Tomb of Raithwall and I feel there’s a lot of stuff left to explore.

FF2 – Never beat it. FF3 – Never beat it. FF4 – 20-40 hours. ff5 – 15-30 hours. FF6 – 20-40 hours. FF7 – Never beat it. Never will beat it. Awful. FF8 – 20-60 hours (lots of side quests) ff9 -.

how long to beat kid icarus nes Kid Icarus is a 2D platformer released on the nintendo entertainment system, famed for its blending together of elements from The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. and Metroid.

For Final Fantasy XII on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How long is this game?".

These numbers seem about right, although, like you said, it depends on what you want to do. In X and VII I did enough grinding to beat optional bosses. FFX took me over 100 hours to beat the final boss of the coliseum. I have absolutely no idea how much time I spent with VII trying to beat what’s-his-face, but I doubt it was quite that long.

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How long did it take to beat.. – Final Fantasy XII Forum. – re: How long did it take to beat. Acually I have beaten all of them, and in a lesser time I see alot of people take a long time to beat them That’s why I asked. Someof these can get beaten in.

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how long to beat ever oasis Ever Oasis The Chaos Void Once you bring the White Lumite to Esna and banish the Chaos from the oasis, it is now time to enter the void found in the center of your Fountain Plaza.

Hell Wyrm is an optional boss in Final Fantasy XII. It is regarded as a prelude and counterpart to the supreme superboss yiazmat. hell wyrm is fought in the Sochen Cave Palace, and the player must open the door to its lair with the Age-Worn Key. Hell Wyrm is also fought in the Trial Mode’s Stage.