how long to beat arkham asylum

To get 100% completion you must beat the storyline, collect all Riddler Trophies, Taped Patient Interviews, destroy all Joker Teeth, solve all the Riddles (including the Spirit of Arkham) and complete each challenge with the required score/takedown requirements.

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It’s around 10-12 hours if you only focus on main story progression. The game is really fun and there is quite a bit or re-playability when it comes to collecting riddles, solving puzzles as well.

how long does it take to beat batman arkham asylum? | Yahoo. – i was wondering how long does batman arkham asylum take to beat. i havent seen any walktroughs lately. beacuase im going to get a ps3 and batman arkham asylum. so how long does it take to beat

For Batman: Arkham Asylum on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "how do I counter knife and shock henchmen?".

Not only is this series the latest major undertaking from writer brian michael bendis and artist Ryan Sook, it serves as a completely fresh start for a long-running and often convoluted franchise.

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition.. How long does it take to beat this game? I will start playing the game in a couple hours now and i am curious about how long it takes i am gonna play it on easiest settings like i always play on my games. < >

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I beat the game in like. 9 hours. I played that one on Casual though. I played Arkham City on Normal, and it took like, 20 hours.

For Batman: Arkham Asylum on the PlayStation 3, a gamefaqs answers question titled "How long does it take to beat this game?".

BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM Full Game Walkthrough This is a BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM Gameplay Walkthrough that covers the Full Game with No Commentary that contains All Cutscenes, Riddler Challenges and.

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