how long does the last of us take to beat

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The Last Guardian: How Long It Is to Beat – – How Long The Last Guardian Is. The Last Guardian isn’t the longest game compared to this season’s AAA titles. With a story so subtle and emotional, it tries not to overstay its welcome.

We estimate the game is about 10 hours long, give or take a few hours depending on how fast you are and whether you collect everything 🙂

How long does it take to beat "The Last of Us"? Anywhere from 15 – 23 hours. In fact, there are record times slipping just under 3 hours!

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The Last Of Us How Long Should It Take To Beat? I got the game on the friday and I beat it This Sunday my mom bought it for me this time and shes sad that I beat it too quickly, and I am too How Long did it take you guys to beat I don’t wanna be alone xD

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